Horse Trail is a competitive riding discipline where rider and horse negotiate a series of obstacles on a natural path.

The participants, one at a time, guide their horse and are rated at each obstacle on agility and ability to guide the horse in every situation with emphasis on safety and calm.
These paths or trails are designed to reflect a real situation in which rider and horse can be found in nature, like a bridge, a river, a door, a slide, jump, having to dismount and walk guiding the horse, etc.

At Natural Paddock Les Vinyes we offer an obstacle course to train and compete at Horse Trail according to official US standards.
It includes several bridges, water areas , a box, a stop, a door, curtain, climbs, jumps, a ring, a scale, a serpentine: a wide possibility of exercises to train the horse to ride in nature and to negotiate any obstacle or situation successfully, thereby improving riding skills and confidence & connection between rider and horse.

A session of 3 hours with explanation and exercises with one of our horses, is priced at 45 € p.person, 10% VAT not included.

Maximum rider weight 90 kg.