Horse Agility is a competitive mode where a guide directs, dismounted and without use of aids such as whips, a horse on a number of obstacles, with a halter and rope at most and unable to pull or push.

This activity promotes a pleasant relationship of trust and mutual respect. Horse agility gives us balance in decision-making, reduces muscle stress and anxiety, desensitization to external stimuli, it helps the horse being more aware of the guide.

It is never about dominance; only communication and partnership.
It starts with self-awareness and understanding of equine behavior. The goal is clear communication and the ability to move the horse through the use of a body language that the horse understands, not through the application of pressure.

Natural Paddock counts with a very complete Agility track for practice and competition.
A session of 3 hours with explanation and exercises with one of our horses, is priced at 45 € p.person, 10% VAT not included.

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